Wine Tanks

We provide Wine tanks in variable capacity, closed top, sloped bottom, jacketed and fermentation tanks. We can also custom build your wine tanks for special space requirements, such as height limitations.

All of our tanks come with a five year warranty on the stainless steel and welds!

Wine Tank Prices

Product Volume in Liter. Cooling Area m² Dimension (Cylinder) Diameter x Height Overall Height (approx. 300mm outlet height) Price
Wine Fermentation Tank with floating lid
500L 2.2 900x1000mm 2230mm $5,372
1000L 3.14 1000x1220mm 2450mm $5,712
2000L 3.8 1200x1830mm 3050mm $6,596
3000L 4.7 1500x1830mm 3050mm $7,480
4000L 4.7 1500x2440mm 3700mm $8,228
5000L 5 1600x2440mm 3700mm $8,908
6000L 5.65 1800x2440mm 3700mm $9,656
7000L 10 1600x3660mm 4950mm $10,336
8000L 10.6 1700x3660mm 4950mm $10,948
9000L 11.3 1800x3660mm 4950mm $11,696
10000L 11.9 1900x3660mm 4950mm $12,716

Wine Storage Tank with floating lid
500L 900x1000mm 2230mm $4,352
1000L 1000x1220mm 2450mm $4,692
2000L 1200x1830mm 3050mm $5,576
3000L 1500x1830mm 3050mm $6,188
4000L 1500x2440mm 3700mm $6,936
5000L 1600x2440mm 3700mm $7,684
6000L 1800x2440mm 3700mm $8,228
7000L 1600x3660mm 4950mm $8,908
8000L 1700x3660mm 4950mm $9,520
9000L 1800x3660mm 4950mm $10,064
10000L 1900x3660mm 4950mm $11,152