In addition to our quality product lines, Brew-Bev provides excellent maintenance and consulting services. Our team will design your brewery, winery or distillery, starting with business plans, custom equipment that fits your needs, CAD for facility layout and piping, and assistance with installation.

Consulting Services:

A New Paradigm for Consultancy: Informed Analysis

     Over the years, our approach to consultancy has evolved as the industry itself has changed. Successful brewers worldwide have come to recognize the importance of ‘Informed Analysis’, and Brew-Bev personnel have created a different approach to consultancy that achieves exactly such a result. Rather than offering one or two consultants, our company draws from a worldwide team of experienced professionals with applied knowledge of every critical phase of this industry. Our consultants blend decades of experience with up-to-the-minute knowledge of emerging trends and technologies, creating one of the best consultancy teams in the world.

The Team Approach: Experts Creating Solutions Together

     From the time you contact Brew-Bev Consulting Services, you will see that we offer a unique level of service. In the initial phase of evaluation, you will work with a Brew-Bev Service Analyst to develop a ‘Needs Assessment Profile’, defining your current operating standards, perceived realities, and desired outcomes. Our analyst then draws from our team of consulting experts, choosing a consultant (or multiple consultants) that best meets the demands of your project. Our consultant(s) will work with your company to thoroughly evaluate your operations, and provide solutions based on the collective experience of the entire Brew-Bev consultancy team. We can assist your company in improving every phase of brewing operations, including, planning and start-up, equipment acquisition and installation, plant and equipment major repairs and overhauls, equipment upgrades and modifications, equipment preventative and predictive maintenance, plant design, fermentation and QC/QA issues, process evaluation, staff training, and brewery management issues.

Maintenance Services:

     Whether you need a proactive or reactive service partner, Brew-Bev has the right answer. With a highly skilled service team committed to always supplying the best of services, both in planned preventative maintenance service and emergency breakdowns, you can rest assured we will reduce downtime and increase performance of your plant and brewing machinery.

Complete Brewing Plant or Packaging Line Surveys and Assessment 

     Our technicians will spend time in your plant to assess the operational efficiencies and determine the improvements needed to increase your productivity to high standards.

Processes and Programs

    Based on the results of the assessment and your company’s goals, we will help you build the necessary processes and programs to maintain your brewing plant operations at a high level after we leave the facility.


     Our technicians will work with your brewing production and brewing maintenance personnel and train them to achieve high operator and maintenance standards in order to facilitate the attainment of your company’s operating efficiency goals.

Brewing Machinery, Line or Complete Plant Overhaul

     Utilizing the information gathered during our plant assessments, our maintenance technicians can help you  put your facility in a maintainable state. Brewing spare parts and supplies can be provided by Neal H. Knapp, LLC or the customer and the overhaul schedule will be scheduled to meet your plant or line shut down schedules.  We often perform these overhauls during weekends and/or holidays in order to reduce your lost production time.

Conveyor and Brewing Equipment Modifications 

     We can convert your empty and full bottle and can conveyors from table top chain to mat top conveyors to facilitate smooth product flow and eliminate tipped over containers.  We can upgrade the filling valves on your bottle and can fillers to improve fills and reduce product air content.  We also have the knowledge and parts to upgrade your can closers to new style lids (202, 204, etc.), and your bottle Crowners and screw Cappers to high efficiency heads and handling parts.

New Brewery Scope and Design

     Tell us your needed output and we will determine the equipment needs for you and provide you with the layouts and design.  Our experienced Auto Cad department will produce all the layouts needed to determine equipment placement and building requirements needed for your new project, and our utility engineers will determine the utility equipment types and sizes to meet your needs.