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Dear Partner (yes, we consider our customers partners),

In these difficult, uncertain times, one thing is clear, North Star Leasing is here to help with much more than just words or an email, but with ACTION.

If you find yourself in need of deferring your next scheduled payment, we are offering you the opportunity to do so by clicking here . If you do not need to participate in the deferral program, please leave it open to allow North Star Leasing to help those who are more seriously impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

For over 40 years, North Star Leasing has been through good times and tough times, but we have never seen such a great need for a rapid response from ALL of Us in order to win the battle against Coronavirus (COVID-19). Less than three weeks ago, the virus was “over there” and not a focus for us. Fast forward to today and restaurants, bars, clubs, daycares, schools, and many other venues are closed in order to mitigate the spread of the virus.

We will be evaluating the Coronavirus Deferral Program to determine whether to extend the program further by April 10, 2020.


Dan Feeney | President & CEO