Brewiks 200L / 300L / 500L Micro Brewery

Brewiks 200-liter, 300-liter and 500-liter are modular microbreweries suitable for pubs, inns, hotels and everyone who wants to start brewing and producing their own beer. The system is also suitable for existing breweries to utilize as pilot systems and for test batches of new recipes. The Brewiks brewery consists of two containers. The main container is a tank with installed heaters and pump. Heating is done through wall transmission of heat. The Brewiks brewery also uses heat recuperation for heating up cold water from the water supply network and then washing out malt. The advantage of this system is that cleaning is much easier and simpler than in other systems. The solution for mixing wort and malt is unique and patented. The brewery already has a computer controller with touch screen installed, which controls heating and stirring. The controller also displays graphical instructions for work in each moment of the entire process. The main container also has a lauter tun with installed whirlpool system.

Brewiks 1000L / 2000L Micro Brewery

The most distinctive feature of the Brewiks 1000L / 2000L is the modular construction. They can be sequentially upgraded from 2 units (basic configuration) up to 5 vessels, or 6 if the hot water tank is taken into account. Based on an 18 hour working day, The Brewiks 1000 is capable of producing between 2400 and 8,400 liters of high gravity wort. The Brewiks 2000 is capable of producing between 4,800 and 16,800 liter of high gravity wort. Brewiks 1000 / 2000 are fully equipped and do not need any highly specialized mounting on site.